Wednesday November 16, 2016 (7-9 pm)

Solidarity Imaginary
with Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, Robin Vanbesien and Ana Vujanovic

During the occupation of the squares in 2011 in Athens, a collective social and political experiment unfolded that laid the foundation for the rise of an unprecedented grassroots movement, organized around the principles of solidarity, direct democracy and equality. The experience of destitution and being attacked by the state paradoxically overlapped with the revelation that democratic self-organisation is not only possible, but that is is also an intensely positive experience. While preparing a docu-fiction film with and alongside the grassroots solidarity movement in Athens (‘vision for a citizen’, 2017), Robin Vanbesien invites Daniel Blanga-Gubbay and Ana Vujanovic to share their reflections on a ’solidarity imaginary’. Blanga-Gubbay traces the production of vulnerability in the context of solidarity mechanisms in Europe, while Vujanovic proposes the notion of the transindividual as a possible horizon for performing the self. The evening will be opened with a screening of ‘assembly for an Oresteia’ (2016), Vanbesien’s prelude to ‘vision for a citizen’ (2017), and will be concluded with an open discussion. 

Image credit: Evi Saoulidou and Bryana Fritz during rehearsals of 'vision for a citizen' in September 2016, filmed by Yannis Drakoulidis. Production still © Robin Vanbesien