Uneasy Alliances, Alliances of Unease: a Conversation
A conversation with Jennifer Bennett, Marta Dauli?t? & Viktorija Šiaulyt?, Carolina García Cataño, Wojciech Kosma, Ewa Majewska, Patricia Reed, and Robin Vanbesien on transmediale online journal.

How does thought or lived experience translate into action? The participants of the Study Circle Uneasy Alliances here engage in a conversation on the necessity and challenges of forging new forms of alliance today that can foster solidarity across different social scales. They both explore alliances of unease that are motivated by shared experiences of living under neoliberalism as well as the alliances that become uneasy by bringing together groups with different interests and backgrounds including technology, environment, and non-Western perspectives. This conversation is the outcome of a collective writing and editing process that took its cue from a physical meeting at the Berlin-based space Spektrum in November 2018 and that has since continued through an online textpad. The results are suggestive fragments to be further explored in the individual contributions and live activities at the transmediale festival.